Sunday, February 22, 2009

Unfinished Business.

When I was in Kansas City a couple of weeks ago for Cripple Con, a couple of my friends told me that it was strange that I wrote more on this blog than I posted artwork, and that it was surprising that I don't draw all that much (presumably not because I'm all that talented, but because I regularly associate myself with people who are). While it is true that I don't draw nearly as much as I should, it's also true that there are very few sketches that I work on for fun that I ever think are finished. I always go back and mess with them, but I still save them and close them, always planning on finishing them later.

Anyway, I was sorting through my hard drive while trying to finish up the overhaul on the Over the Line Productions site, and I found some stuff that I thought I'd post, even if I'm not particularly proud of any of them. Yeah, I know that the whole "self-loathing artist who hates his own artwork" thing is super-cliché, and I should probably just stop whining. If anything, maybe posting this stuff will motivate me to spend my free time more wisely instead of drinking and playing video games. Probably not, though.

Here's a couple from last year: Daniel Craig...

...and Alan Tudyk.

I also found some sketches from four or five years ago that I had completely forgotten about; I especially don't think these are even close to feeling finished, but I still have an interest in them stylistically. I had remembered my Marimekko bedsheets from when I was little; they were mostly big primary-colored circles and rectangles in the shapes of cars and trucks on white sheets. I was thinking about Marimekko-type stuff while I was drawing these, using shapes in Illustrator. Here's Thom Yorke...


...Conan O'Brien...

...and myself. Note the awkward stage in hair growth. 

If anything, looking at this stuff is a pretty harsh reminder that I need to find out what I like to draw, from a stylistic standpoint, and stick with it, instead of drawing all over the board. Pun intended.

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