Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Ouroboros and Severe Beatings.

I did an illustration at work today for an article about cutting down on consumption and conserving more, and it looks exactly like this:

...it's the first one I've had the chance to do in a couple of months. Also, nothing of particular note has occurred since my last post, except OSU getting their asses handed to them last night. Actually, I could go on to write about the academic requirements of the SEC and how the only reason I could understand JaMarcus Russell in the halftime interview is because I lived in a remote part of southern Tennessee in first grade, and that equated to taking a crash course in backwoods English dialects while still learning a first language. So, I can speak two languages, it's just that they're both English. I can also speak about thirty words of German from three years of class in high school.

Yeah...I'm just angry at LSU, so I'm picking on Southerners for talking funny, which is pretty far below the belt, as, if my outgoing phone message is any indication, I sound like a newscaster with a severe sinus infection.

We'll get'em next year, Buckeyes.

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Ashley said...


I'm glad I was able to make you sufficiently uncomfortable while reading my blog. I like to hide my perversion behind a thinly veiled layer of innocence and wholesomeness. It lulls people into a false sense of security and comfort, which only leaves them that much more appalled when my true humor is revealed.

I love reading your entries and I can hear your voice in my head when I'm reading them (that wasn't meant to come off as creepy, which I realized it must've after I re-read that sentence).

Anyway, keep writing. I enjoy reading your blog and it'll give us that much more to talk about when we hang out again.

P.S. We'll always have Ghana.